dController Financial

dController Financial

dController Financial System is an integrated and complete accounting system developed both for the private and public sectors of the economy. It has the functionality that assists you in keeping accurate financial records, obtain timely business information, and maintain a complete audit trail of business operational activities. It is robust, interactive, flexible, secure, parameter driven and yet very simple to use. The control of all the accounting structures, entry types, and reporting functions are placed in the hand of the user. You can as well tailor them to fit your business operational requirements. dControllerFinancial System comprises of eight main modules.


General Ledger Module

This is the nerve centre of dController Systems. The module, which is the pivot of the system, is loaded with features intended to give power and control to the user. dController Financial is fully integrated with other modules of dController Systems.

Accounts Payable

This module handles all aspects of accounts payable to the business supplier. Detailed records and a ledger account are maintained for each supplier. The system permits invoice reconciliation with the General Ledger and bank accounts. The system provides flexibility in dealing with VAT.

Accounts Receivable

dController Accounts Receivable provides an easy way to monitor sales and debtors through simple user friendly interface. VAT may be analysed and traced to each customer’s account. The system maintains comprehensive information on customers including details on VAT. Returns to VAT offices are automatically generated. The system provides for analysis of VAT and WHT, charged or retained by clients

Cash/Bank & Fund Management

This provides organizations with the facilities to manage cash/bank payments and receipts on daily basis.  This facilitates management control of liquid assets and improves relationship with banks and third parties. With this module, accounts are better monitored and notices of matured bank loans and other facilities may be automatically generated.  Customisation of this module depends on type of operation and needs. The Bank Reconciliation module is specially customized based on the requirements of the user and the volume of its transactions. Some small customers may be satisfied with a small module that uses date of value for reconciliation while some large organization requires the use of scanner software to transfer bank statement information including standing orders to the system before reconciliation activities can be performed. Bank reconciliation could be done automatically or manually.

Fixed Assets Management

This module is an innovation in the management of your fixed assets. The fixed assets module keeps a comprehensive list of all assets and calculates depreciation with the touch of a button. The module stores all your assets and provides a basis for monitoring their uses. This module is linked to general ledger so that the value of your asset register can be traced to the balance sheet.The module allow for the entry of assets through a flexible input screen with set up depreciation parameters. Once the fixed asset is introduced into the system, the relationship with the general ledger is established immediately.

Government Budgeting & Warrant Management

dController Public Sector version, Government Budgeting & securite Warrant Management module, has been developed taking into cognisance the specific and peculiar condition in government accounting and financial standards using best-of-class functionality and state-of-the-art technology. Of particular interest is the budgeting and warrant management module of the system. This module has been specifically designed to relieve government workers in charge of budget preparation the boredom associated with manual budget preparation and implementation. The system provides an efficient way of taking charge of government budget departments. It also manages the release of funds, approvals, cash budgets and capital and recurrent expenditures.

Project/Job Control

dController System is equipped with facility to enable you manage and control project right from inception to completion phase. The system keep detail analysis and record of materials and costs associated with a project/job. Each stage of a project can also be analysed, including the estimated expense and revenue expected from each project.

Stock & Inventory Management

This module provides answers to various problems in the management of warehousing and material resource in organisations. It provides room for multiple warehousing for organisations with more than one store location. Using this module, you can keep full records of transactions and movements of stock. The stock and inventory control module can work as a stand-alone module or as part of dController Systems.