dController Pension

dController Pension

Senior African American couple

dController Pension Software is an effective, efficient, functional, robust and user-friendly comprehensive software solution to keep pension information that meet universal Pensions Management standard. The system is capable of providing data that could enable management plan, control, monitor, appraise and analyse staff pension information to provide a total administrative solution for one or more pension funds within a single integrated application.

dController Pension consist of two main modules and each main modules consisting sub-modules:

Member Administration
Benefit Administration

dController Member Administration Module is specifically for the day-to-day administration of defined benefit pension. From active member tracking, to benefit calculations, to payee record maintenance and benefit payroll processing, dController Pension Software contains the functionality you need to effectively administer both contributory and non-contributory pension plans. The Benefit Administration Module provides the ability to easily establish and maintain records for periodic and lump sum benefit recipients.

Features Include;

Summary Information & Demographics
Contribution & Interest Information
Salary Information
Employment History
Dependent & Nominated Beneficiary Records
Individual Member Statement
Benefit calculation and payroll processing
Payment Types & Summary Payment Information
Adjustments, Supplements, & Deductions
Disability Claims & Benefits
Ability to calculate each member’s accrued benefit
Ability to calculate Benefit estimates to assist members with advanced retirement planning
Ability to calculate benefit amounts for new payees, including split plan benefit amounts